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New Parent Education Classes

I'm Pregnant: What next!? 
If you are like I was with my first baby, you were all of the sudden dropped into the world of choosing maternity services. Hospital, birth center, home birth? OB, Midwife, Family Doctor? Which one?  Unmedicated, or with pain relief? Doula? There are so many questions and so much information out there.Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who could help you distill at that info so you can make the decisions that are best for you?

Via phone, Skype and email, I counsel with you in early pregnancy to figure out what you want from your birth, and make recommendations on providers, locations and services that will give you the highest likelihood of attaining that vision. 

Email me at jenne AT doulaville DOT com to schedule a phone or Skype call. Sessions are typically 20-40 minutes with follow up information via email. Follow-up sessions also available. $40 for first session, $25 for follow-up sessions.

Just found out you are pregnant? Give me a call!

Couples: The Strongest Link
Created by Family Wellness Associates, leaders in the world of relationship skills training, Couples: The Strongest Link gets partners working together to nurture a happy and healthy home for the children who come into it. 

Each session consists of 9 classes (the following 6 + 3 supplemental classes of your choice). These classes can be held in your home privately, via Skype, at my home or in group classrooms.  $250 for 9 sessions or mix and match sessions for $30 each.  Group discounts available. Two all day sessions available or 2 hour sessions spaced over days or weeks. Email jenne AT or call (206) 388-2901 to schedule! 
  • Getting Started Together: Knowing Your Partner and Communicating
  • Being a Strong Team - Commitment, Personal Issues and Cooperation
  • Two Worlds—One Relationship: Family of Origins and Background
  • Know What You Want: Know What You Want for Yourself and Your Relationship
  • Say and Get What You Want: Problem Solving, Working Together and Resolving Conflict
  • Blowing on the Embers: Love for the Ages

Couples: The Strongest Link Supplemental Classes
  • Couples As Parents: Expectant and New Parents
  • Couples As Parents: Leadership and Nurturing
  • Parents and In-Laws: Connected by Love, Divided by Love
  • Listen Up! Power and Control in Couples
  • Yours, Mine and Ours: Building a Healthy Stepfamily
  • Bringing It To You: Couples Separation and Reunions

Baby Signing Time Mommy and Me Classes
I became a Baby Signing Time Instructor after seeing how much my daughter LOVED and benefited from learning beginning ASL signs from the Signing Time videos. Offering baby sign classes in my community allows me to put my early childhood education training to use while providing families with the gift of sign to communicate with and teach their young children. I offer Baby Signing Time classes as a form of postpartum support because they give new parents the opportunity to learn a valuable skill that will make their jobs as parents easier during the toddler years and connect them with other parents in their community. 

With sixteen half hour classes to choose from that teach over 100 signs, I can teach them in 4, 6 or 8 week sessions. In a classroom setting, we start out each session with 1/2 hour of class time and then 1 hour of free play. I can also come to your home or you can come to mine. Skype sessions available. A la carte classes are $15 each. 

Session cost as follows: 
  • 4 weeks: $50
  • 6 weeks: $75
  • 8 weeks: $100   
I am also available to host Home Parties with your friends! 

Email jenne AT doulaville DOT com or call (206) 388-2901 to schedule. 

To buy Signing Time products and DVD, go to Don't forget to tell them I referred you!  


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