My descent into motherhood began the day I descended to earth. After a traumatic hospital birth, I became a birth junkie and birth advocate. I'm adding my voice to the blogging world where women are demanding better treatment and more appropriate care in pregnancy, labor and birth.

My family and I live in a multi-generational houshold near Seattle, Washington with my mother, husband, a 6 year old son whom we affectionately call Chunka and 4 year old little girl nicknamed Beauty and 1 year old baby girl nicknamed Elizabear. My husband is a PhD student in animal behavior. In 2008, I completed an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and I am studying and apprenticing in midwifery.

I am currently a birth doula and parent educator with Doulaville Seattle Birth ServicesBaby Signing Time Instructor, Instructor of the couples relationship course call The Couple: The Strongest Link and, Essential Oil Consultant. Visit my pages linked on the menu bar to learn more about my skills and services.

I have been very involved in non-profit volunteer birth advocacy since 2007. I work with the birth trauma organization Solace for Mothers as an organizer and developer. I am also a volunteer for The Birth Survey created by the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services. At LDS WAVE, I am the Women's Service Mission Director blogging about ways women can help other women face their lives' challenges. In 2010, I created the resource Birthing in Zion to assist LDS women in finding birth professionals who share their religion. 

My blog Descent into Motherhood started in 2007 when I was processing my traumatic birth with my son and I have used it since than as my mommy, birth and policy blog. Welcome and I hope that in these pages you and I can connect and celebrate the good in the world and join together in solidarity to address the bad. 

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