Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Childhood Vaccines: Questions All Parents Should Ask

Conscious Woman. org sponsors online seminars, called "webinars" on a variety of topics that are relevant to parents and women, particularly in their roles as mothers. They provide easily accessible, affordable information and evidence based research on topics like natural birth, circumscion, breastfeeding, vaccines, midwifery and being an effective advocate. As a stay at home mom, I am able to participate without interfering with my child's schedule as I can use a portable phone and headset to listen to the presentation and view the slide shows on my computer with internet connection.

I first became acquainted with Conscious Woman when I discovered that they were offering a series on Postpartum Mood Disorders, which Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after childbirth is one. I took the two part series to learn about my condition, what I could do to heal and move forward, as well as to learn about the academic research on the topic so I could be an effective advocate for change.

The most recent series I participated in was Childhood Vaccines: Questions All Parents Should Ask I was very glad to participate because, like many other parents, I have been concerned over the rumors about vaccines causing autism, asthma, chronically ill children, even death and other neurological disorders.

From the Conscious Woman website, here is an outline of the material presented in the webinar:
Part I: Myths vs. Realities
This workshop will explore common misconceptions regarding vaccination efficacy, and how tests are conducted to determine vaccine safety. Questions that will be addressed include:

What are the present legal requirements for mandatory vaccinations?
How effective are vaccinations?
Are vaccinated children healthier than non-vaccinated children?
Are vaccines safe? Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
How is vaccine research conducted? How thoroughly are vaccines tested? How long are test children observed?
What is congenital rubella syndrome? Does the rubella vaccine prevent it?
Do vaccines cause meningitis?
Tedd will also discuss transplacental immunity and how it relates to current vaccination practices.

Part II: The Shots
Many parents still consent to routine vaccinations - believing that the “removal” of thimerisol (mercury) has taken away the major risks associated with the vaccines - without considering whether vaccines contain other toxic ingredients and what their potential side effects may be. This workshop will focus on the following questions:

What’s in a vaccine?
Are there benefits to infectious diseases of childhood?
What is herd immunity?
This workshop will explore the controversial research on SIDS and vaccinations, the relationship between polio vaccine and cancer, and whether or not polio has disappeared as a result of the vaccine. Epidemiology of childhood diseases, mortality and morbidity, and the Hygienic school of disease will also be addressed.

Part III: Risk and Conflict
This workshop will involve an exploration of Juvenile diabetes, Crohn’s disease, autism, post-encephalitic syndrome and a multitude of other chronic diseases and conditions that are associated with vaccinations. The focus will be on how conflicts of interest have played a significant role in the introduction and proliferation of unnecessary and harmful vaccinations into state immunization requirements and ultimately - into your child’s body.

This workshop will conclude with a discussion of the age old debate between expressive and suppressive healthcare.

The series is being offered again, in three parts starting June 8, with part two on June 22 and part three on July 6. Its a very good way to spend a Sunday morning: learning while in your jammies.

What did I learn from the series?

I learned that there is not enough research to dispute the claims that vaccines cause autism, or death; therefore making putting their safety into question. Until vaccines are proven (by quality, reliable research) to not cause injury to children, I will not feel comfortable following the recommended immunization timetable published by the Centers for Disease Control. It seems to me that pharamceutical companies, doctors and public health officials are not addressing parent's concern about safety and effectiveness, instead are running smear campaigns implying that parents whose children suffer vaccine injury are seeking to blame someone, and those who chose not to vaccinate are irresponsible and neglectful parents.

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Brightonwoman said...

I would invite you to visit my blog http://brightonwoman.blogspot.com and look up 'vaccination' in my topics. I've researched the vaccines shot by shot and collected (and posted) a lot of info that really helped me in making the decision for my kids.

For what it's worth, I'm neither pro nor anti vaccine--I am currently doing delayed/selective with my son, but will evaluate each child individually. :)