Friday, December 26, 2008

Week 18 Update

In the last two weeks I got over my desire to hear baby's heartbeat on the Doppler. I don't need to hear evidence of life when I'm feeling an active fetus moving around thumping and kicking in my uterus. We are already able to feel the baby moving from the outside as well. Peter has felt our new little one a couple of times already.

Willem is showing more and more interest in the baby as well. He kisses my stomach and talks about baby all the time. For Christmas, he was given his own baby doll that he conscientiosly make sure is given milk, held, taken for walks and diapers changed. The newborn size diapers I bought for our baby fit the doll--they may make for a very big butt but its a fun enterprise!

When we take the pictures off the digital camera, I'll post the video of me walking at graduation carrying Willem across the stage with me. We had a great time on our trip staying six days on the island of Hawaii and ten on Oahu.

Next steps are to prepare my manuscript for publication in family science journals and to prepare for our new little one. We are still planning on the anatomy check/gender ultrasound where I suspect my intuition will be verified that we are having a little girl.

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Rixa said...

Isn't it so fun to feel the baby moving? That's what makes a pregnancy feel real to me. You might enjoy buying a fetoscope if you don't already have one--even the very cheapest ones work quite well and I think it's really fun to listen in to the baby (and also to all the other fun stuff--placenta if it's anterior, etc).