Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Week 22 Update

Today, we saw our little GIRL by ultrasound. I felt before I was pregnant that my next baby would be a little girl and since becoming pregnant, I've felt very strongly that same way. And my belief was confirmed today.

She looks totally healthy, placenta is in a good position. She looks kind of squished in there right now so I'm thinking I'll have a spurt in uterine growth soon.

Still feeling great, with lots of energy and a more active mind than usual, and my mind is usually pretty active.

Willem is affected by the pregnancy; either because I'm producing less breastmilk or he no longer likes the taste of it. I can tell he's beginning to wean himself because he's asking for cow milk more frequently than mama milk. I'm hoping that after the baby is born, he will go back to nursing more frequently.

Grandma, aunts and neighbors are very excited for a little girl in our family, and so am I. Maybe sometime I'll write an exposition on my thoughts of having a little girl. And if my scanner can start working, I'll get pictures posted.


siobhan said...

yay! i'm obviously biased towards baby girls, so i'm super excited for you! congrats!

my two oldest girls nursed straight through their younger sisters' pregnancies without batting an eye. elisabeth, our third, quit cold turkey as soon as i got pregnant with the fourth. it's amazing how difference each is!

by the way, our baby lydia was born at home december 27th, a whole twelve days late. she was, by far, the best labor and delivery of the four. i hope you have such an easy time with your sweet girl! are you planning a hb or hospital?

Rixa said...

So exciting!

~Aimee~ said...

That's very exciting! You have much better intuition than I do. I haven't had much of a clue as to the gender of either pregnancy! :-) Glad to hear everything is going well. :-)

Jenne said...

Siobhan, congratulations! Willem is a 27th baby as well, but January. I'd love to hear Lydia's birthstory.

This is going to be a homebirth for us, after my last experience there's no way I'd opt for a hospital.