Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not a very interesting update

Belle is healthy. Sleeps well, nurses well, is growing well. She's really cute--the same can be said for Willem. Their smiles and laughter bring much joy to my heart.

I hurt. A few weeks ago it was bad enough that I couldn't bear my weight on my right leg. My right hip is particular is experiencing extreme soreness at the joint and in the muscles. I only assume that it is the looseness of my joints postpartum that is causing this. Chiropractic, massage and light exercise (walking, yoga and hula) have been helping. I expect I will experiences period of reoccurrence of the next few months.

I discovered I have slight abdominal dystasis above my bellybutton (where the umbilical hernia occurred).

Between those two conditions, I've resolved (although I had planned previously) that I will not be getting pregnant again within the next 3-4 years. Since that space of time is alloted, I've also felt drawn to apply for a PhD program at the University of Washington. The hope is that I can complete coursework before Peter graduates with his PhD and then I can complete my dissertation wherever we end up moving for his postdoc. And then the next baby can be born either during my dissertation years or after if I can complete the whole degree in 4 years. My body needs the time to not be pregnant so my joints and muscles can knit back together.

And as I always remind myself: you make plans and then Heavenly Father intervenes. We'll see what he has in store for us. For right now, I feel he is pleased with my plan to apply to the PhD program. The next baby will be born on His timetable. And if its a surprise like my pregnancy with Willem, the timing will be perfect and we could not plan it better.


Rixa said...

I'm happy you're going to join the ranks of LDS women doing PhDs! I now have 2 good friends doing just that, one of them concentrating on birth issues. (She had a home birth). The other one is in art history and had her baby at a freestanding birth center.

Jenne said...

You have more faith than I that I'll actually get accepted in the PhD program!

You also know Lynne who is doing her PhD in art history through Iowa State. Her third baby is due in November!