Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Violence Against Women During Birth

Solace for Mothers is announcing a letter-writing campaign to Lynn Rosenthal, the newly-appointed Presidential Advisor on Violence Against Women, an office within the Department of Justice, and First Lady Michelle Obama.

You are invited to join Solace in writing to Lynn Rosenthal and Michelle Obama in an effort to bring awareness to the violence women experience at the hands of some maternity care providers. First Lady Michelle Obama has made recent remarks championing the rights of childbearing women, and may be an ally for this cause. Lynn Rosenthal is a former executive director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

We are calling for an official review of perinatal practices to investigate common and flagrant violations of patients’ rights; mainly the right to informed consent and refusal. We are asking that enhanced and enforced mechanisms for accountability follow the investigation.

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