Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Removed My Amazon store

In catching up with blogs today, I've become alerted to a boycott being instituted against Evidently they are selling, and defending their right to sell, a book written as a how-to guide for pedophiles.

This, understandably, has a few (read MANY) people upset and it leaves me wondering how it is even legal. First Amendment and Freedom of Speech, yes--all well and good, but basically an admission of guilt and incitement of others to commit a crime?

To find out more, read posts at We Are That Family and PhDinParenting.

My response is to suspend purchases from Amazon until they decide on the correct course of action. I also removed the link to my amazon store posted at the footer of my blog.


cc said...

When I first heard about this and Amazon's response, I felt sick. But then I wondered if maybe they are keeping it up in order to catch pedophiles! :) Wishful thinking? Probably. But I do wonder how much money they're making on the sale to justify so many upset customers. Seems stupid. I wonder if that can be used legally as a warrant to search people's computers though. Sure would be nice if we could use something like that to lure them out and nab them.

Tracie said...

Amazon pulled the book from their site.