Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bodily preparations

With Willem's birth, I experienced many hours of back labor. It could have been from the stressful, contentious environment at the hospital (because it wasn't until that started that the back labor started), or and more likely, is that he was positioned strangely where his body was pressing against my spine in a way causing discomfort and pressure.

After he was born, I started taking my family to the chiropractor where Dr. Vevoda informed me that sciolisis can lead to back labor. I was first diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 13 years old. The curvature was never to a great enough degree where something medical could be done (aka braces or spinal fusion surgery). Dr. Vevoda told me of another method of straightening the spine which is sustained traction over time. I decided to go ahead with the treatment with the hopes that correcting the curve as much as possible would make back labor less likely for my next pregnancy.

I started the 36 appointment or 4 month treatment looking like this:

The measurement of the curve at the start of treatment was 27 mm away from "straight." After treatments, the apex of the curve was brought closer to where it should be, by 9 mm. Here is the after picture:

Look closely at the red lines to see the difference.

I had really good result with that round of treatment and I have the option of going back for another round to get more results. We'll see which comes first...a straighter spine or another baby.

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