Monday, November 12, 2007

The Mama Milk

Willem has always loved what I call the mama milk. He's a snob about his milk like Peter and I are snobs about chocolate. Willem has typically refused formula so he's always gotten breastmilk except on one or two occasions, and even then he'll only take it if mixed with breastmilk. Recently, he's starting doing some really cute things to tell me how much he likes the mama milk.

The newest thing is "talking" to my nipple when I'm breastfeeding him. He will be nursing, stop, look at my nipple until he goes almost crosseyed and then babble. It usually sounds something like "Wab, wab, blab, blab, blab." Then he'll look up and smile at me. It melts my heart.

Another cute, breastfeeding related thing (hey, good food is a powerful motivator!) is that he has learned to recognize some words. Milk being one of them. He loves his mama milk. When he's hungry, he will usually start grunting at me and pulling on my clothes. Pretty much general excitement ensues. I then ask him if he wants milk and I show him the sign for milk. (Its opening your hand and then closing it in a fist repeatedly--imagine that, its like milking a cow!) When I asks him that, the excitement level usually increases until he's at the breast and content.

So basically this blog is my expression that I love breastfeeding my baby. I was so proud of myself that he was so healthy and strong just off my breastmilk before he started solid food. Just because he eats lots of different foods now doesn't mean that he doesn't still need the mama milk. Breastfeeding has taught me to be amazed at the woman's body. Between producing a perfect and powerful food for babies and incubating and then birthing babies, a woman's body is amazing and wonderful!

We have made it almost 10 months in our breastfeeding relationship and I know it'll keep on going for awhile to come. I have no plans of weaning him before 2 years old, if he weans himself, I'll be sad but okay with it because it will be his decision.

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cognosco said...

This is such a sweet post. My son was born on Valentine's day, so I think they're about the same age. He goes crazy when I make the milk sign or say the word. He's never had formula, but I just found a supplier for raw goat's milk so I can start supplementing with that (reommended by a naturopath) when I'm at work, as it is getting really hard to pump. He doesn't do well with anything from a cow, but seems to be okay with goat yogurt and cheese...

Hooray for mama's milk!!!