Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anatomically Correct Baby Doll

I forget how this came up but Willem decided that he wanted to get a baby doll, specifically one he could take into the bathtub with him and was a boy. When I was pregnant with Belle, he was gifted a doll and a child-sized Moby Wrap and we have had some good times with it. But this new doll was going to be different and special because it had to not have a soft fabric body. And if it was going to be a boy doll, it needed to be anatomically correct. Thus started my search for anatomically correct boy dolls.

This was what we settled on: The Paul doll from Corolle

Of course, my biggest question as I was taking it out of the box was, is the doll circumcised?

To my relief, no.

So for all the mamas and papas of intact boys, or intactivist mamas and papas of girls, you can get an intact boy doll.

But beware of mold build up inside the doll as is common in bath toys. I was disappointed to find that the joints and seams were not water-tight so I'm concerned that we'll get the nasty mold build up.


Jennifer said...

A lot of the anatomical dolls are not circed I've noticed. I think because they come from Europe and they don't circ there.

Also, I love the Carolle dolls. The vinyl is so soft and nice. Do the legs or head come off easy? Maybe you'll have to dump the water and let it dry after each bath.

baby slings said...

they are really helpful especially for the moms, but I hear the head comes off easily too....

ummm thats just the drawback that i see