Monday, March 1, 2010

A week in Facebook Updates

I've been away from blogging longer than I thought so by way of catching up via sound-bites (without the sound...) here's what has been going on:

Today (Sunday Feb 28):

* has extra strawberry runners ready for planting. If you want 1 or 2 or more, please let me know. I'm starting a container vegetable garden on my patio. The strawberry runners come in bunches of 25, and I'm only going to be using 3. So please, grow some strawberries on your patio or in your P-Patch! I really don't want them to go to waste.

* She walks!

Friday Feb 26:

* is off to start watching Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Stories with Willem Alderks. Last night we finished the Old Testament, after going through the New Testament and The Book of Mormon.

* is so impressed that the friend who babysat for us tonight understood what I meant when I said "If Belle is inexplainably fussy at any point, put her on the potty upstairs." My friend caught her first EC pee and poop!

* is going to finally experience the amazingness of the new One Size diapers by FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers. Its pretty exciting. I think the woman who thought to put adjustable elastic into diapers is a genius. (I found a special bulk package where in total I got $30 off a package of 6)

Thursday Feb 25:

* is thirsty. I'm sure you wanted to know that.

* Willem Alderks just correctly identified a Porshe.

* wishes that long skirts were long enough for me. I hate it when skirts hit that awkward top of the ankle spot instead of brushing the tops of my feet like I'd like.

Wednesday Feb 24:

* Quote from Willem Alderks: I like being loud because loudness comes up out of your heart. Happiness too, maybe.

* is having issues with a power point slide

* is really trying not to speculate that my aunt is another causality of a screwed up health care system. I know she had been struggling with issues with insurance and health care costs.

* is mourning the loss of my aunt, Cathy Washington who passed away at a month shy of 65 years old. With her death, all my first degree paternal ancestors are gone. I will miss her greatly.

* needs to find out how to do a screen shot on a Macbook. Can anyone help me? (Its a nifty trick!)

Tuesday Feb 23:

* just ordered 10,000 postcards for The Birth Survey! My apartment office managers will like that delivery, lol.

* got to see MRI images of my baby's brain tonight. They're going to send a CD too so I can keep pictures. It seriously cooler than an ultrasound, and so much safer and less invasive! (Belle is participating in a developmental study at the University of Washington)

Monday Feb 22:

* feels I need to teach Willem Alderks about resisting sexual abuse tonight. Any advice for me?

* guess who has learned the roll-your-shoulder-blades-so-its-hard-for-your-parents-to-hold-onto-you trick?

* wonders what kind of a virus induces vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose, congestion, cough and a 104 fever. Also wondering if the sickness will ever end??

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Advocacy Opportunities:
Join Pesticide Action Network to Protect Children from Environmental Contaminants
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