Monday, March 17, 2008

Barter- Trading Skills and Goods

As a mama, I'm just discovering the beauty of bartering; trading skill for skill, or skill for goods, etc. Now that I have discovered it, I'm constantly trying to think of new and creative ways to do it.

So far, I've bartered my graphic design skills and software to make a book cover for a local mama in return for date nights. Those are so rare at this point, I'm very excited that the prospect of having some time just me and my husband.

The other trade I've made is embroidering my Irish dance school's logo on to school's capes worn during performances in return for a Irish dancer wig. Its a dream come true! I've always wanted curly hair, as well as auburn hair and now I can have it whenever I want, without spending hours dying and curling.*FYI* Irish dancers typically wear large curly wigs when performing.

Then of course, there is babysitting for babysitting--the good old "you take care of my kids and then I'll take care of yours."

I've heard of bartering for doula and midwifery services and am interested in being in contact with birth providers in my area to find out what type of services they accept for trade. I'm all about affordable and anything that engenders a stronger sense of community, interdependence and cooperation in our society!

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Rixa said...

Ah, great ideas! I took Irish dance at BYU and loved it.