Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bound and Gagged

In a dark room with no windows,
a drug coursing through my veins
that left me bound and gagged.

I lost my mind and coudln't move.
I was no longer myself.
I was lower than dirt.
A wounded animal to be put to sleep.
I heard whispers of "just put her out of her misery."
"Get that thing out of my sight. I can't deal with her now."

Locked in a room.
I heard my screams in my head, but I couldn't get them out.
A terrible nightmare but with the crashing, debiltating knowledge that this was reality.

Powerless to stop the penetration.
Unable to resist orders.
Catatonic and numb.
Unable to move.
No where to run since my legs were tethered to their place.

The torture ensued.
My body defiled, and abused.

I lost all power.
All determination and will.
If coherent speech had been an option,
the thoughts were drowned out by the screams of my mind.

Then it was all over,
the drugs had worn off.
The figurative bounds released.
And I was torn and broken, discarded and pushed aside.

Down the hall, I hear a distant

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