Monday, July 28, 2008

Cytotec Adverse Events Site

Today I received this letter from Maddy Oden, founder of the Tatia Oden French Foundation.
Dear Friends:
A childbirth activist (Christal Lutz) and myself have just gone live with a new website. Cytotec Adverse Events( We have put down the stories of some of the moms and families who have been given cytotec to induce their labor and subsequently endured tragic side effects. Some wanted their names used, others did not.

The site also was designed for the purpose of creating a place where health care providers, nurses, doctors, midwives, doulas, could write their experiences of cytotec inductions without using their names. This will give us a bank of information, first hand, that can help us in dealing with the FDA, ACOG and most importantly, the educational efforts with the public.

Please take a minute to check it out. All your comments, thoughts, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all that you do.
Maddy Oden

Please pass this on to mothers and birth professionals in order to collect the stories and facts about the effects of misusing drugs that are not approved for the FDA for the induction of labor.

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