Monday, July 28, 2008

Screaming Birth

You know how birth is portrayed on TV:

Commonly, TV birth happens mere minutes after the water breaks, precipitating a mad rush (in a taxi) to the hospital, frantic calls to the doctor, and apoplexy by the father-to-be.

The rest of the episode is spent with the pregnant character in pain, sweating, man-bashing ("You did this to me!"), and culminating with the screaming actual pushing a kid out of their crotch scene. This is finished with a damp but otherwise perfectly clean (four-month old) baby being held by a beatifically smiling but exhausted mother and an ecstatic father or father-figure.

To read more, go here:

It chronicles famous TV births and coins them "Screaming Births" a dramatic device that is a favorite of directors and screen writers.

The best part of the article states:

Since all directors and script writers do their research on obstetrics and midwifery by transporting themselves to the 19th century, the delivery will always be performed with the woman lying flat on her back. This is perhaps a sub-device which we should label Sadistic Obstetrician because this is the hardest position in which to give birth, although the easiest for the doctor.

To see clips of births portrayes on TV, you can go The True Face of Birth and email Rixa for the DVD she compiled for the Trust Birth Conference. At one point, she was selling the DVD for $5 each to cover the cost of burning and shipping. She may still be offering them.

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