Friday, October 3, 2008


Today was the big day to print off all 125 pages of my thesis and put 4 copies of the whole thing in the mail. Such a relief!

This last week has been so frustrating. I think my advisor has revised and made changes to each section of my thesis a minimum of 4 times. Even today, after she had okay'd it to be sent to my committee, she emailed with me changes to the title page and abstract. Even after it had been sent to Fedex for printing! Oh I cried.

But here's a big, glowing recommendation for Fedex business services (I will conveniently ignore that they are also Kinkos--being the grandaughter of a competitor's franchise owener). Not only was I able to email my documents to them, they completely understood when I had to resend with the changes that had been made. And to make it all good, they are going out tonight in their shipment.

In two weeks, I meet with my committee by phone and discuss my work. And then (I'm trying not to think about this) they'll tell me what changes I need to make. Then I'll have 18 days to make those changes (and get it approved by my advisor who will probably kick it back to me a few times...argh!!) before I print it again and then mail it to the Graduate Division. But I have a few days before I have to think about that...


Susana said...

Oh, Jenne,

I feel your pain! I don't know how you can do it. I guess part of the motivation is having a prize at the end of it all. Look to the prize, you're almost there! You'll make it.

You're awesome!


Rixa said...

Wow, it's really happening! You'll somehow find the time to get all the changes in, I am sure.

RasJane said...

Your advisor sounds just like my dh's! He actually moved away to avoid her. She wanted him to re-do some of his research as he was handing in his thesis! Crazy Lady!
I'm so thrilled for you that you are so close. I know it's overwhelming right now. In such a sort time, you're gonna have that paper done and delivered! Whoo Hoo!