Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blessings of Safe Passage

Today we leave Peter's childhood home to return to our home in Seattle. I'll return a few pounds lighter after picking up food poisoning from the Seattle airport 4 days ago. That's really not a pleasant way to spend a trip. However, in all of that, I have enjoyed watching Willem get to know his grandparents who he calls "Na-ma" (Grandma) and "Ba-Ba" (Grandpa). He was fascinated by all the model cars, airplanes and army vehicle models that his dad and uncle had put together as children, but he was also very frustrated that he wasn't able to play with many of them. By the end of the trip, he's become very adept at clearly saying "I want that"--his first sentence.

We hope that our flight home brings us safe passage, safer at least than the trip here, which in addition to the food poisoning also included a flight that left without us (leaving before the scheduled departure time).

While here, we also learned of another safe passage that we are expecting, between Mother's Day and Father's Day of this year. A vivid line on a pregnancy test verifies that I am expecting my second child to come into this world. I look forward to 32 weeks from now having a Blessingway and have henna on my pregnant belly saying "Blessing of a Safe Passage."

I also find it rather appropriate to make this announcement on my blog's 100th post.


Rixa said...

Woohoo for you! And so sneaky for announcing it at the END of your post. Good think I didn't skim over it too fast.

We will have babies at almost exactly the same time. How wonderful. I am really glad I have someone else that I know who can go through it with me.

Food poisoning is no fun at all. I got it when I was in Israel. Bleh.

Jenne said...

Rixa, its too bad that you are so far away. I'd love to share pregnancies more than just virtually. My chances of having a blessingway in Seattle is pretty small because of all the people I know around here, no one knows what a blessingway is. But you probably know what that's like too.