Monday, September 15, 2008

Legal Rights to Informed Consent in Birth

This article from the Seattle PI "High rate of C-section births is health concern for women" was a breath of truth and reality of what women are facing with birth.

This is the first time, in a news media outlet, that I've seen hospital practices framed as coersive and trying to manipulate women's birthing choices. And the first time I've seen the abuses of the fields of obstretrics frames as a health issue, as well as a legal issue regarding reproductive rights and patient's rights.

One particularly persuasive quote from the article, says:
Such reasoning inappropriately views a pregnant woman's decision about her and her baby's needs as suspect, and it ignores her legal rights as a patient. All pregnant women, whether they view birth as a natural event only rarely needing medical intervention, or whether they willingly accept medical assistance with the birth process, have the legal right to informed consent and to direct the experience of bringing their children into the world.

The issue needs increased awareness. It goes beyond the talking point of VBACs and coerced Cesearans although those are grave concerns that need to be addressed. Please post comments to the PI article.

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