Friday, September 26, 2008

Graceful Womanhood

I've never been one of those women to fear aging. In fact, I spent most of my youth trying to grow up and gain independence. I hoped as a young woman that I would age gracefully and beautifully; like the energetic older women with hair streaked with gray and silver, laugh-lines and smile line showing a happy, well-lived life. I hoped that my hair would have silver or white streaks or individual hairs running through my still darker hairs. How I envision it is visually beautiful.

Well today, I discoverd my first gray hair. It was closer to silver actually and it was right where I also wanted my first streak of silver to appear. Right along my part at the crown of my head, that stretches into my ponytail when my hair is pulled back.

I'm probably a bit young for silver hair, but it was about the age I am now that I discovered my husband's first white hairs. I happen to think that white, silvery hair is very pretty on women, and distinguised on men (except OBs, but that's a whole 'nother topic, so its a good thing I didn't marry an OB).

As for the silver hair I found on my head, I welcome it as a symbol of maturity, experience, wisdom and strength. Those are all virtues I wish to pass on to my children, especially my daughters. And if my gender prediction for this pregnancy is correct, I will have that opportunity starting now to be an example of graceful, wise womanhood.

Who knows maybe that gray hair was caused by the little woman growing in my womb now....

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Susana said...

AAgh. gray hair. I too find it appealing in men. As for women, I like seeing a woman with gray vs. dyed. However, more than one gray hair on my own head is a bit disturbing!! (My kids pull the obvious ones for me!)

I want to ask you something, without hurting your feelings, but did you say that you are planning on finding out the sex? Or did I read that on someone else's blog???

If you think you know that the baby is a she, why find out? And why do you feel it is so important to pin point gestation/due date?

Not trying to give you a hard time, my dear, just curious.

with affection,