Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This is a conversation I have with Willem probably 5 times a day:
W: Zoe?
M: You want to play with Zoe? I'm sorry you can't right now, she's at school.
W: E-mama? (Emma)
M: She's at school too. I'm sorry.
W: Daddy?
M: He's at school too. He'll be back tonight.
W: School?
M: Yup Zoe, Emma and Daddy are at school.
W: Ba-ba? (Grandpa) School?
M: Laughing. Nope, sorry, Grandpa's in Texas.
W: School?
M: Nope, Grandpa doesn't go to school anymore. We left him in Texas.
W: Nana?
M: She's in California. We'll see Nana in November.

I'm just looking forward to when he starts trying to say "Texas" and "California." That will sound really cute in his little toddler voice.

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