Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birth Activism Opportunity!

The Birth Survey postcards are an effective way of getting the word out about the survey. Our ambassadors carry them around in their purses and diaper bags and post one, a packet or stack of postcards when at a coffee shop, grocery store, or wherever they see a community board. The idea to keep in mind is: leave the postcards where new mothers and mothers of young children frequently visit.

We can get these postcards posted all over the country so more moms can learn about The Birth Survey.

With many of us receiving tax returns this year, this may be a special way to use a portion of it to support our goals as ambassadors of The Birth Survey and birth advocates!

One way we can do pay for printing the postcards is to get together as small groups and purchase large quantities of these postcards thereby splitting the cost and getting deeper discounts per piece.

The cost of 10,000 postcards is $305.

I don't know about you, but it would be very difficult for an individual to afford that price tag or to distribute that many cards!

If two people split the cost, each pays $155 and receives 5,000 cards.

Three people: $100, receiving 3,333

Four: $76, receiving 2,500

Five: $61, receiving 2,000

Six: $51, receiving 1,666

This can also be done with bulk order of 20,000 with the complete order costing $580.

Please respond in the comments by Feb. 24, if you are interested in sharing this cost and receiving a set of postcards to outreach into your community. The pricing I quoted is good until then with a discount code.

It would be even better to get a few of these small groups going!

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