Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dry Days!

In Elimination Communication, a one diaper day is not quite the Holy Grail but its pretty special, especially the first one.

Friday we had a first one diaper day where Belle's diaper stayed dry all day long and all pees went into the potty. It wasn't entirely a miss-free day however because out of nowhere, she pooped on the floor. It was just that one though. So a one miss day is even special enough to celebrate. To make even a little more noteworthy, this dry day happened on a day where we took a road trip.

Then yesterday, in spite of a busy day with Willem's birthday party, we had an entirely miss-free, one diaper day! All pees and poops went into the potty.

I had been thinking recently that we were probably far off from a one diaper day and wishing that we were closer, and then, surprise! We did it!

At 8 months old, Belle has done all eliminations in a day into the potty!

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Rixa said...

hooray! Zari had a lot of those early successes. Of course, dry days would come and go. We'd go through phases where we caught most pees, but no poops. Then we'd go through the reverse. Same with nighttime wetting. She started being dry at night more often than not (with one potty break around 1 am) at about 7 months. I can't do nighttime pottying with Dio, though, because he gets too mad and then, once he's awake, he doesn't want to fall asleep again.