Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Muscle Testing: Have you tried it?

A friend from an online forum recently told me about muscle testing. It was described as a way to "help us tap into what our bodies can tell us about what might be standing in the way of our goals."

Basically you stand with your weight balanced on your feet (you can do it in shoes but not heels). It may be helpful to close your eyes and somewhat zone out--so you're not paying attention to anything around you. Then say the following script inserting your goal in the blanks. You can do it out loud or in your head, so long as you make a clear statement.

The script:
I am free to demonstrate life through truth and love, which supports my divine blueprint.
I am ready, willing, and able. I am safe. I am worthy. I am supported by others. It is healing for others. I have time. I have energy.
Then we applied it to our goal as follows:
I am free to ______ [meditate every day]
I am ready to _____ [meditate every day]
I am willing to ______[etc]
I am able to ______
I am safe to ______
I am worthy to _____
I am supported by others to ______
It is healing for others for me to ______
I have time to ______
I have energy to _______

If your body says 'yes' you'll get a forward motion--usually you'll find that your weight is on your toes, or sometimes your knees go forward.

If it's 'no' then you'll get a backward motion--weight on your heels etc.

Let me know if you try it. I want to hear your experiences.

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