Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Birth Survey Featured in The Nation

On January 14, the magazine, The Nation, featured The Birth Survey in its article, "Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Healthcare." The fifth tip states the following:
"If you are pregnant or looking for an obstetrician, keep in mind that the US rate of C-sections is more than double what the World Health Organization considers acceptable. You should not have this major surgery--with all its risks--simply for the sake of convenience. Read more at"

I wouldn't say that advocating against unnecessary C-sections is the main thrust of The Birth Survey, but its great publicity to be included in a top ten list regarding health care.

Have you seen other mentions of The Birth Survey in media? Please let me know if you do!

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Jennifer said...

I can see why they explained it that way using the c-sections as a reason why you should look into it. It's hard to explain the complete purpose in a small blip like that, and the c-section issue gives a great example of why women should care about visiting the site.