Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cookies for Prisoners

In the New Testament, Jesus was known for spending most of time among the sinners and the poor. He particularly focussed his ministry on the people who needed him most and gave them love and compassion and offered them a way to change themselves. I feel if Jesus were alive today, he would be in similar places in our society: the slums, prisions, the projects, pretty anywhere that was considered "the wrong side of the tracks."

Even if you are not religious and do not recognize Jesus as divine, you still may see the wisdom in being compassionate to those most in need of mercy, especially society's mercy.

A group who need that compassion most, as well as an invitation to participate fully in society, are those whom society have removed from its populace: those in prison. Why do something nice for prisoners? To invite them back into our communities with a renewed conviction of benefitting our communities rather than finding ways to hurt them. After there prison sentence is over, their punishment ends and its up to each member of the community to welcome them back and encourage them to do good.

The Kairos Prison Ministry is working on this concept. They are enlisting volunteers to bake cookies that are given to prisoners.

Its a simple act of kindness that can speak volumes to prisoners and they may feel that returning to their community can mean a new life for them, whether as Christians or as functioning citizens.

If you are interested in baking cookies for this purpose, the guidelines can be found here.

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cognosco said...

I think this is a really great idea and I'm going to try to participate. I wish more Christians shared your view of Jesus and what Christianity is all about. I am not particularly religious, but I think we could all try to have a little more compassion.