Saturday, February 9, 2008

POOP on the ACOG!

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology just released a new statement regarding home birth. It basically full of contradictions, lies, half-truths and propaganda regarding a topic they are opposed to on the sole reason is that home birth provides competition to a service that currently serves 98-99% of American women. That's pretty dang close to a monopoly, and of course, they want to protect it and their paychecks.

In order to not restate completely, I will refer my readers to a blog from the House of Harris that eloquently and comprehensively covers the contractions within ACOG's statement.

Rixa from the True Face of Birth also shows how ACOG is changing its own party line, without making offical statements that they are changing it. Like changing its verbage about freestanding birth centers. They used to be opposed, but without coming out and saying that they now consider ABCs (alternative birth centers) safe alternatives, they are lumping it into a statement reinforcing previous claims that they do not support home birth. They're so transparent (sarcasm intended).

And to conclude I will share an analogy. (Please remember that analogies are not perfect but can be used to figuratively illustrate a point).

The ACOG states that "while childbirth is a normal physiologic process that most women experience without problems, essential because complications can arise with little or no warning."

Let's compare this logic to the act of eliminating, emptying the bowel, or what I like to call pooping.

Pooping is a normal physiologic process where solid waste is eliminated from the body that is commonly occuring, most of the time without complications. Except for those unfortunate who experience hemmoriods. Sometimes, pooping is really hard and prolonged which is a complication known as constipation. Maybe we should start calling it "failure to progress" or "defecation dystocia." Death can also occur when a unsafe rise in blood pressure caused by defecation can cause an anueryism or blood clot to burst. Fecal incontinence or a fecal fistula are also complications that can arise from defecation.

With that list of complications that arise from a "normal physiologic process" why isn't our every bowel movement carefully monitorred in case these complications arise?

From now on, I would like a medical attendant to carefully monitor me during every bowel movement as to not put my "health and life at unnecessary risk."


~Aimee~ said...

Hahaha. I like the analogy. I really enjoy reading this blog. I find it very enlightening and my opinions are widening. :-)

Jane said...

This post is very tacky. First of all, I don't think there are many people who would compare their child to feces as easily as you do.

You may want to compare numbers between fatalities that arise during defecation, and fatalities that arise during childbirth and then decide whether or not you want to draw "scientific" comparisons. Even if meant as a joke, as I pray it was, this blog is just a tacky statement that belittles childbirth. To even imply, that diarrhea is just as upsetting as a cyanotic newborn is sick.

I am sorry if you think the birthing experience is about what the MOTHER goes through. I'm sorry if what you ended up feeling after childbirth wasn't what you expected. It sounds like you had a bad experience, and that is truly sad.

That being said, dwelling on it is NOT healthy. I had complications too. I was treated like crap too. My experience is remarkably similar to yours. But I didn't care and I don't feel compelled to act like a martyr, because I was given a GIFT,that I appreciate every day. Everything else that happened was just fluff.

You may want to try and put it into perspective. Stop judging doctors. Stop judging hospitalists. Raising a kid in that kind of hostel and bitter environment is not healthy.

Im sure you're a great mom.
I can tell you love your boy.
But if you want to change the world, try forgiveness and understanding, instead of finger pointing. Its a lot easier.

Childbirth was not the most pleasant, calm, and quiet experience for me. That being said, it was a beautiful, powerful, and enlightening experience because my focus was on my CHILD.

Jenne said...

All I will say about the previous comment. Some one missed the point. I even included the disclaimer. *Analogies are NOT perfect*

Brightonwoman said...

Jane--It's not comparing the child to poop, it's comparing the elimination *process* to the birth *process* and honestly, I wholly agree. Pushing out a baby does feel a lot like having a very big poo. ;)
You ARE right that it's not just about the mother--birth is very much about the baby also. This is why it's so vital that the ^%%^##* doctors stop meddling so much and let it happen the way it should. I'm in the midst of writing a fairly lengthy post about epidurals (I'll post it tomorrow) and it has similar conclusions--it's better to get out of the way and let nature take its course.
I think it's a great analogy.