Friday, February 29, 2008

Who nurtures a mother?

Who holds a mother and comforts her when down?
Who is there to cup her head in their hand,
so the love from their spirit seeps into hers?

Who holds her up, gives her the strength to stand,
to face another day, to hold anothers hand?

Who is there to listen to the outpouring of her emotions,
to listen with their heart,
and respond with intent to mend?

Who gives her the strength when she doesn't have enough of her own?

Can she run to her own mother, a grilfriend?
The kindly woman next door?
Her children?
Is her only hope God, a spirit who speaks through feelings?
Or can there be reasurrance through touch and an ear tickling with warm breath from a soft voice?

Rough skin against smooth
Arms enfolding, encircling with love?
Heaving breaths and wracking sobs,
Grief contained by the love of another?

Tears dry on wet cheeks
Sobs turning into even breathing
Strands of hair brushed gently away.

Who nurtures a mother?
A husband.

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deutschpwa said...

I like this one better then the last poem. I love you and will see you later today. I hope you have fun with Willem.