Friday, February 1, 2008

I Came out With a Baby

I went into a concentration camp and came out

with a baby

I was herded in with the scores of others
We were blinded by our fear
The fear of "what if"
We trusted
The trust of "dr knows best."
The doctors here weilded power, might.
They had the power for pain, withholding relief.
Intensifying pain with the turn of a dial.
Inserting tubes, needles, instruments, hands.
Cutting, pulling, ripping, tearing.
Restraints and isolation
Mad scientist doctors testing new drugs and procedures
Without consent without informing
Just doing
Not knowing the risk.
Let's see what this does...
Evil cackles echo in hermetically sealed vaults
Vaults filled with super germs, flesh eating bacteria
Lurking to be introduced into the secret fleshy places.

Brainwashing, lectures.
This is what is coming to meet you.
We will do this.
You have no say.
We can do this.
We will do this.
You can't stop us.
Time to go in.
Time is up.

Resistance is futile.

My time was up.
It was my turn.
All the others before me had passed through.
So I went.
The threats were enough.
The looming dominance and control.
Emotional manipulation was enough.
There was no need for tests.
The fight to protect my body from
the hands
the instruments
the tubes
and needles.

I came out scarred.
No physical traces.
Only fear, trauma and distrust.

And a baby.

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luvnbnmama22 said...

Aloha Jenne,

Awesome poem, look forward to hearing more from you!