Saturday, February 23, 2008

How do you play?

You are invited to describe how you play with your children and partner. The survey is being conducted to understand the variety of ways that families play together and how it contributes to family happiness.

Click on link to participate:
Parent Child Play and Couple Play in Married Families

Thank you for your participation!

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siobhan said...

hey, jenne, i did your survey! :) it was really fun and made me realize just how much i love my family! even made me tear up a bit, haha. my parents took our two big girls for a couple of hours today and saying goodbye to the girls, my sister said, "jeez, it's like they've never been away from you before!" well, no, but i sure do like my kids an awful lot! it was poignant that i did this survey in their absence.

hope you're doing well!